Sunday, August 14, 2005

I have to say that Mindy my apartment complex manager is so hot. Well maybe hot is not the right words, There is an energy that she has that just intoxicates me.
I was walking to my car this morning to head to work and she was walking to an apartment and came over and apologized to me about the whole car problem. She remembered telling me I could keep it there and told me she was sorry, it was because they changed maintenance managers and the new one had all the Male Masturbation cars towed.
Anyway Every time I see her I am so attracted to her, I think I remember seeing a ring when I met her the first day when I came to apply.
Anyway every time I see her, I just can’t get over how attracted to her I am and I think she feels it too. Then again maybe it’s just me.
I think she also does yoga classes in the club house too.

Anyway back to work. Must keep mind on work and not on the hot older broads driving around in the Milf Cruiser down the street.
Not many women can shake me up like that.